NSBE 50th Annual Convention


Eligibility to receive conference funding includes the minimum criteria needed to be considered. Most of this criterion is based on chapter and national constitution stipulations, as well as university and government requirements for travel. Eligibility to receive conference travel funding is as follows:

Prompt submission of forms and information requests

Complete the interest form no later than Jan 12, 2024. As conference approaches information will be requested to book flights, hotels rooms etc. Your timely response is critical and can cause you to lose your spot or reservations for you not to be made. Please pay attention to your email for communications.

Regular attendance & participation

A minimum of 5 NSBE sponsored spring semester events qualifies a member for selection, yet the more events a member attends the more likely they are to receive funding.

Completed membership form & paid dues

National dues ($15) are to be paid to NSBE.org, more details can be found on membership page. Chapter dues are to be paid to the chapter CashApp ($NSBEMSU) of $10. These dues are annual, meaning they are required once a year NOT per semester.

Current university enrollment as a full-time student

12+ credits

A valid government issued ID/license

Flights will be booked, and we will need you to have the proper identification.

Requirements for strong consideration

Funding is limited and competitive, final decisions will be made by the conference planning chair and chapter advisors. The goal is to aid all interested and highly engaged members in attending conference. Decisions will be made based on eligibility as well as the following requirements:

Volunteering at the Engineering Expo

  1. Sign up by Dec. 8th , volunteering is scheduled for Feb 21-22, link here.
  2. As a partner of the center, we must complete volunteer hours to receive funding for conference, members attending conference must complete at least (1) hour.

Register for NSBE 50

  1. You can register on the website at convention.nsbe.org and email the confirmation receipt to rso.nsbe@msu.edu by Jan 12, 2024.
  2. Note Registering does not guarantee travel support, but it is a requirement. SEE FAQ ON MEMBERSHIP PAGE FOR WHY WE ARE REGISTERING OURSELVES.

Upload Resume to Your Handshake Profile

On Handshake by Dec. 8thHere

  1. Click on your account icon in the upper-right corner of Handshake
  2. Then click My Documents
  3. Upload your current resume as a PDF, file size 20 MB or less

Engineering Career Center Event

All members must register and attend (1) engineering career center event by Feb 1. 2024, per our partnership with the center.

Engineering Career Center Upcoming Events

Big 10 Engineering - Diversity & Inclusion Career Event

Registration for this event will open to students on Jan. 16th

MSU Engineering Expo 2024 - 2 Days!

Wednesday, Feb. 21st 1-4pm - Companies with majority of operations in-state (Michigan) Thursday, Feb. 22nd 1-4pm - Companies with majority of operations out-of-state

useful Links

Excusal Letter

Make sure you inform whoever you need to of your absence on time!

Career and College Fair List

Here is the official list of all the companies and colleges that will be in attendance.