Programs & Events



Student Wellbeing

To address the stress of exams and provide support and encouragement, we will provide a way in which members can take a break and relax midway through the semester. With this event, students can relax through games, wellness activities, and prize giveaways before returning to their studies. These breaks will relieve students in times of high stress and encourage them to keep pushing forward, an action set in place to achieve our goal of retaining students within the field of engineering..

Career Fair Prep and Resume Workshop

This meeting will be hosted before career fairs start to serve as preparation. During this meeting we will detail what is important to do before, what to bring, and ideas to keep in mind once you get to the career fair. During this meeting we will also be providing feedback on resumes and providing tips when drafting and presenting resumes.

Pre-College initiative Panel

We will visit local school science fairs and classrooms to speak with students about Engineering and Facilitate activities that will engage and excite students in STEM careers. Our goal is to inspire K–12 students to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by providing them with consistent early exposure to technical competitions, academic development and leadership training.

Study Tables

We will hold study sessions throughout the school year giving students the opportunity to have a quiet space to prioritize their workload. We will provide refreshments to serve as a boost in preparation for upcoming exams. Study tables will also serve as an opportunity to get help from peers and provide a sense of comfort, understanding and belonging

Ready for Finals

Finals time is a very hectic time for all students. During the months of December and April, special meetings are held that present strategies for studying, and information on time management. In addition, students are divided into small subject-based groups to assist one another in various technical subjects.

Corporate Nights

NSBE Members are invited to engage in presentations from our Corporate Partners. Representatives from each company are invited to hold a 60-minute informational, provide resume critiques, share employment opportunities, facilitate mock-interviews, and offer other important tips to members. These meetings also generate an excellent pool of talent that our corporate partners can pick from for competitive scholarships, internships, co-ops and full-time employment.


STEM Day has been a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the community as well as partner with not only registered student organizations on MSU’s campus but also local K-12 schools. This program opens the minds of students to the STEM opportunities that are available to them. With the help of partners like you, NSBE has been able to consistently participate in STEM Day programs with various organizations and schools.

Annual T.O.R.C.H. Awards

We conclude each year by congratulating our graduating NSBE Seniors with the Annual Torch Awards. During this event, we recognize our executive board, outstanding collegiate members, academic achievements, organization champions and corporate partners. NSBE Corporate Partners are encouraged to attend and join us in reflecting upon our successe throughout the school year.

April 3, 2024

50th Annual National Convention

We are excited to attend the second in-person convention since the pandemic. NSBE members will have the opportunity to network with other students and professional chapters from across the globe. The highly technical and professional environment infuses a sense of confidence in the knowledge they receive from their university. After taking advantage of the graduate school and career fairs, intensive workshops, and peer interactions, students are refreshed with an uplifted attitude and rekindled fervor for excellence and leadership. This event is for the entire chapter and the greatest expense will be the cost of travel.

March 20-24, 2024