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Most frequent questions and answers

NSBE is open to all students and professionals who are interested in promoting the goals and ideals of the organization.

NSBE provides its members with opportunities to network with other Black engineers, participate in professional development programs, and engage in community service activities.

NSBE organizes a variety of events, including career fairs, technical workshops, and community outreach programs.

You can get involved by becoming a member and/or attending chapter meetings, participating in events and volunteering for our community service projects.

1. NSBE Scholarship Program,
        a. Some scholarships have a GPA requirement

2. Collegiate-APEx Membership Status
        a. Preferred registration rates for NSBE conferences and annual convention
        b. Qualification for awards, recognition, and special events (APEx Luncheon, etc.)

3. Reporting academic progress of the national membership as a whole

NSBE Region IV and NSBE MSU may also use your verified GPA for similar purposes. To
protect confidentiality, the student must initiate the GPA verification process

1. Login to your member profile on and view the Additional Info Box:
        a. Update Self Reported GPA if it is outdated or the field is blank.
               i. Your Self Reported GPA must match your current GPA in the MSU Student
                Information System,

        b. If you do not already have a Confirmed GPA in your member profile, it is very
             important to have your GPA verified for future scholarships and events. Please
             complete the next steps, even if your GPA is below 3.0.
                i. If you already have a Confirmed GPA in your member profile, then only
                    complete the next steps if your GPA has recently changed.
                ii. If your Confirmed GPA is 3.0 or better and APEx Status is indicated, then
                     there is nothing more for you to do right now and you can disregard the rest
                     of this message.

2. Complete the GPA Collection Form exactly as requested below:
        a. University/Chapter Name – Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
        b. Add your last name, first name, signature & NSBE ID
        c. Do NOT fill in your MSU GPA in the gray box
        d. Save the completed form as a PDF
        e. Email the completed form to the NSBE MSU Chapter Advisor
                i. Jamillah Gross-Caldwell,

3. The NSBE MSU Chapter Advisor will complete the form and send it to and copy you on the message. The NSBE National Academic
     Excellence Chair will then update your Confirmed GPA and APEx Status in your
     member profile. This process can take up to 10 business days, please allow ample time
     for processing of completed forms. (Note: The instructions in the attached letter are for
     chapters that do not have an advisor who can verify the member GPA.)

4. Please contact the MSU Chapter Academic Excellence Chair or Chapter Advisor for
     more information.

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