The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the United States. NSBE, founded in 1975 AT Purdue University, supports and promotes the aspirations of collegiate and pre-collegiate students and technical professionals in engineering and technology.

The Michigan State University Chapter of NSBE was founded on January 25th, 1979. Our chapter’s founding members are Timothy Lucas, Wayne A. Hopkins, Kevin D. Stokes, W. Denise King, Maurice Sanders, Michael E. Wagner, Kenneth T. Harrison, Hillard J. Germany, Ronald Dewberry, and Victoria F. Chatman.

Before NSBE MSU, there was BSE, Black Students of Engineering founded in 1972. The founding members are Roland Lartigue (President), Larry Walker, Gerald Hayes, Junior Higgins and George Simmons. 

The story of the Chapter History – from Roland Lartigue (Founding President of Black Students of Engineering): “We saw a need for more academic support for the black engineering students and for an advisor. We also wanted to see a concerted effort to recruit more black students and faculty. We began to picket the college and eventually got recognition. We secured a budget and worked directly with Dean George VanDusen. We were given an office in the building. We hired upper classmates as tutors. We created a community outreach that included adult reading classes as well as neighborhood canvassing and recruiting. We also got a budget to hire an advisor, J. Pitts. In late 1972 we were required to change our name to Minority Students in Engineering to keep the university funding. I graduated in 1973 and Ken Jones took over as president.” – Roland Lartigue, BSE President 1972-1973.